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Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness Course - Starts Nov 9th until Dec 14th, 2024.


This six week course in  mindfulness will teach new meditators how to meditate and people who already meditate to go deeper into their practice.

Mindfulness is the translation of the buddhist word 'Sati'.  It takes the Buddha's teachings from 2600 years ago and makes them universally accessible for the present day.

Mindfulness is an invitation to understand what consciousness is.

We can  practice, sitting, walking, standing and in our everyday lives.  It's about living more mindfully rather than absentmindedly.  Mindfulness is the  practice of consciously paying attention to what is naturally unfolding moment to moment, with an attitude of kind, open hearted curiosity to our unique experience.

Ramana maharishi says "the self is the one and only true reality".  Realization of the self is the greatest help that can be rendered to humanity.

The course allows us to cultivate mindfulness towards our lives, nurturing the qualities of freedom, wisdom and loving kindness.  This course offers the opportunity to awaken to self realization, and to sit within the great mystery as part of its unfolding miracle.  We so often look for miracles outside of the body yet it's all happening here in the field of our embodied experience.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has the potential to enhance the quality of our lives, relieving suffering and strengthening focus,  if we are willing to listen and notice and see what's there that calls for our care and attention. Life is here right now! 

Mindfulness can help us to be in presence with whatever is arising and vanishing. There's something extraordinary about being alive in this body, an amazing adventure to explore with all its subtle nuances, sweetness and delight.

Mindfulness can help us to deal with the sufferings of our everyday lives, pain, anxiety, trauma, addiction and stress. Science calls mindfulness a disease care system, mindfulness creates space for us to see how the mind works, how thoughts and dramas come and go, with this spaciousness we are free to expand to our true potential.

The course will run on a Thursday evening GMT  -  19.00pm-21.00pm.

The session will last approx 2 hours.  There will be opportunity for everyone to speak if they wish to ask questions and we will form a sangha (a group of meditators) questioning life and all that arises.

It's a course where we will interact and meet like minded new friends, there will be breaks during the session and we will meet in smaller groups / breakout rooms to say hi and meet other people in the group.


It's a fun adventure into the self and an exploration into the wonderland of being conscious in this precious human body.

Register for this course now - register your interest.


Scholarships and Partial Scholarships are available for this course. 

To register your interest or apply for a scholarship write to me at



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