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Jed Fox


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This weeks schedule

5th - 11th Oct 2020

This week's subject is balance and focus.

Emphasis is on balancing the energy body as opposed to standing on one leg.

Monday 5th October

18:00 hours - 19:00 hours


Tuesday 6th October 

08:45 hours -10:00 hours

18:45 hours - 20:00 hours   


Wednesday 7th October

09:00 hours - 10:00 hours

18:45 hours - 19:45 hours


Thursday 8th October



Friday 9th October 

09:00 hours - 10:00 hours

18:45 hours - 19:45 hours  YIN YOGA


Saturday 10th October

09:30 hours - 10:45 hours


One Class a week £10

Two Classes a week £16

Three Classes a week £20

​​To book and pay for your classes - pay via methods below and email me to confirm payment, dates, times of classes you wish to join.  I will then forward you the appropriate confirmation and password to attend.

Please pay for your classes via BACS

Miss L.J.Page 






I also offer scholarship places by the week so if you need a discounted place please enquire about this opportunity.  This is for the unwaged or new Yogis who are not earning. 


Offers are limited and at our discretion.

If you would like to offer a monthly or weekly payment or buy a block then contact me and we can discuss.

Thank you for your support!




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